SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy


SAFA is proud to offer one of the finest civilian flight training facilities in the world. Situated alongside a 4,000 meter long runway, the new purpose-built flight school building will be approximately 5,000 square meters in size and encompasses the following facilities:

  • 5 classrooms which can accommodate up to 20 students each.
  • Dedicated communications laboratory.
  • Dedicated testing center.
  • 16 briefing cubicles for performing pre/post flight briefings.
  • Dedicated dispatch facility.
  • Resource library.
  • Computer based training laboratory.
  • 16 flight training device bays.
  • Prayer room.
  • Lounge space for relaxing between classes or brushing up on a test.
  • SAFA administrative offices.
  • Conference room facilities.
  • Aviation outreach facility for the general public.
  • Dedicated cafeteria.

SAFA’s team of seasoned experts designed this facility with you, the incoming student, in mind. The objective is to ensure you are provided with the best possible environment to learn how to become a safe, disciplined pilot, and to realize your full potential.

  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy
  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy