SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy


SAFA utilizes not only advanced aircraft, but also the highest quality flight training devices (FTD) as well. SAFA has opted for Diamond Simulation’s FTDs which have been developed through numerous hours of flight testing by pilots and aeronautical engineers to ensure you receive the best training possible.

  • DA40 NG Level 5 FTD:

    The Level 5 FTD is designed to provide a training platform for both procedures and operations. Just like the real airplane, it is used to simulate all tasks related to ground and flight training towards all certificates and ratings. SAFA has upgraded the cockpit to the same standard as required in the Level 6 FTD, providing you the best opportunity to transfer your newly learned skills to the aircraft.
  • DA40 NG and DA42 NG Level 6 FTD:

    Other than a motion system to physically move the training device platform, our Level 6 FTDs meet the same rigorous certification standards as the most advanced simulators used by the airlines and military. Down to the smallest detail, these FTDs are exactly the same as the real airplane’s instrumentation, controls, and cockpit layout. The devices meet or exceed all applicable aviation regulations; they are so advanced that you can log flight time and complete many of the tasks required for pilot certification, just like you were in a real aircraft. Additionally, SAFA has improved on the basic requirements by adding an advanced visual system that uses 6 projectors instead of the industry standard 3. The reason for this is to improve the visual fidelity and your training experience positively.

  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy
  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy