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SAFAs Safety Management System (SMS) is a systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. Three core aspects of our SMS are:

  • Systematic – Safety management activities are in accordance with a pre-determined plan, and applied in a consistent manner throughout the organization.
  • Pro-active – An approach that emphasizes hazard identification and risk control and mitigation, before events that affect safety occur.
  • Explicit – All safety management activities are documented and visible.

SAFA SMS manual outlines the Safety Management System at the Academy. Information on Emergency Plans including removal of disabled aircraft and handling of hazardous material is contained in a separate manual, the “SAFA Emergency Response Plan”. The two manuals put together list of all the responsibilities, accountabilities and resource allocation plans to manage Safety Risks and contain the effects of any adverse event.

  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy
  • SAFA | Saudi Aviation Flight Academy